9 thoughts on “Dead Beetles | Nature haiku poem example | 052509

  1. Yep, something like that.

    Throughout my community, there are dead beetles along the curb. It seems they had just enough energy to make it out of the poisonous grass, then collapse in unison.

    It’s the symmetry of the dead that struck me most.

  2. Gads. So glad not to live in a neighborhood. I was in one today, and it was friendly as hell – but there was always a mower or weed whacker running somewhere.

  3. I really like this one Ken. The images and setting are very vivid, evoking a very specific time of summer. The contrast of what nature people destroy and what they value and preserve was very effective and deep.

  4. Thanks for the feedback, Ian.

    Although I am sure it was merely a function of the common instinct to escape to a lower intensity of poison, I can’t help but reflect on the “fearful symmetry” of the event/image. My summertime suburb as toxic grid . . .

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