14 thoughts on “A Passing | Nature haiku poems examples | 020509

  1. A haiku poem
    answered by a passing –

    In combination, I thought they were a bit of a haiku spoof.

    The mundane nothingness of the cloud transforms into the unexpected force of a bus.

    After all, this should be fun, no?

  2. Why not, yes, why not
    Walk along death’s icy brink:
    Live fully – have fun.

    Which is just an attempt to paraphrase the much quoted (here) line of Colonel Sir Richard Burton, the 19th century British explorer, soldier, diplomat, translator, writer, poet and, last but not least, dervish of the Kaderi Order:

    ‘We dance along death’s icy brink, but is the dance less full of fun.’

    The paradox: how can one, time-centred as we are, answer the call of timeless life!?:)

  3. I like both, I like the different scene set up by each of them, I like the fact that this post encourages the reader to think about how small differences in the words in a haiku can make so much difference to the perception of the scene.

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