11 thoughts on “Fewer Birds | Birds haiku poems examples | 012609

  1. Ah, Devika, spring is not now . . . and the future is always far. May our breath remain plenty like the hidden birds!

    sanjay rajan, Dr Zen, haikuexpeditions – Nice collection of haiku. The birds are close, indeed, but just hidden. Like haiku. A haiku is a gift. Many thanks.

  2. Talking of protecting our friends….Ken, I came upon this idea that I like to kick around and see if we are get a community of poets going….I was thinking of Poets Without Borders as a place for everyone from anywhere, everywhere to post poetry to build bonds across the world. No rules on type of poetry/language or any such thing…
    What do you//Gauthami/others think?

  3. Thanks, Grant.

    Presence/absence, scarcity/abundance, simplicity/complexity – these are the contrasts in which our voices take form and drift.

    I really enjoy reading your work as well.

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