7 thoughts on “Peanuts Sprout | Inauguration haiku poem example | 012009

  1. Thanks, Dave and Adriaan. It was a good day all around. It would be interesting to know what those luminaries were really thinking.

    I wrote this one a bit ago after learning about the troubles that multi-national corporations had growing peanuts in Africa. The local knowledge on soil conditions had been lost or ignored.

    Somehow, it felt right for the Obama’s inauguration. Poetic license, perhaps.

  2. peanuts won’t sprout
    In that patch of dirt
    The young Obama smiles

    That’s what I liked about this poem. Eerily
    apropos for this moment which dispatches
    so many “can’t happen’s” at a single event.

    So simple, so much.

    Looking for more time to peruse your site.


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