10 thoughts on “Snowflakes Fall | Snow haiku poem example | 010209

  1. I can’t believe it:
    Snow flakes keep falling
    From a sunny sky!?:))

    Still, essentially, a superb vision of man’s eternal origin and his temporary plight!:)

  2. Ken, would you mind if I post the below haiku on my blog!?:) The first two are more or less your work – with some rearrangements of mine added. The last one is the famous piece by Issa, set in the 5/7/5 format and paraphrased by me. The whole thing seems interesting enough!?:)

    I can’t believe it:
    How come snowflakes keep falling
    From a sunny sky!?

    It may well be true
    That hawks don’t care for haiku –
    Too spiritual!?

    From the time we’re born,
    Until we breathe our last:
    Words full of nonsense.

  3. Kris – Thanks, Kris. I enjoy improbabilities in general, especially unlikely precipitation. Florida’s tropical weather must produce many delightful surprises.

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