8 thoughts on “Cold Wind | Wind haiku poem example | 010109

  1. Orphan’s lament! Kidding: just the title of a song by Huun Huur Tu, a band of throat singers from Tuva!:) Thanks for stopping on my blog and for your thought-provoking comments. Happy New Year!:)

  2. I would love to hear throat singers from Tuva, some day.

    This one was a bit of a risk. At the risk of sounding foolish or forced, “Orphaned” is actually the word that hit me when that wind slammed into my face. There is a reason, perhaps a buried reason. It has something to do with vulnerability.

    Forsaken, forgotten, and abandoned were other options that occurred to me later, but I decided to stick with the first, for better or worse.

    Thanks browsing my blog. I hope you find some that interest you.

  3. Borut – Thanks for the video link. I loved it and added it to the original post.

    Adriaan – I meant it literally. I felt orphaned! Not sure why.

    gautami tripathy – Thanks for your reaction. I look forward to browsing both your blogs!

    Geri – No need to be a poet. It’s a human thing. Thanks.

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